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Data Analyst

The incumbent is responsible for identifying the relevant HR data sources and ensuring their integration into one repository, cleaning and validating data to ensure accuracy and reliability for analysis and developing reports based on requirements.

Working relationships


  1. Data Management Unit
  2. All Project Teams


  1. External Stakeholders

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

May entail off site obligations.

Reports to: 
Portfolio Manager Data Management
Supervision given to: 
Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Assesses and identifies relevant HR data sources within the organization.
  1. Develops a strategy for the integration of various HR data sources into a single repository and ensures seamless connectivity and data flow between different systems.
  1. Employs data cleansing techniques to remove inconsistencies, errors and duplicate entries and validates HR data to ensure accuracy and reliability for analysis.
  1. Applies advanced data analytics techniques to derive  insights from HR data and utilizes statistical methods and tools to identify trends, patterns and correlations.
  1. Communicates findings and insights derived from HR data in a clear and understandable manner.
  1. Generates reports that provide relevant HR insights and support decision-making.
  1. Implements data ethics, privacy standards and protocols to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with regulations.
  1. Performs other related duties as required. 
Minimum Experience and Training: 

1. Seven (7) years’ experience managing project teams in a high quality project driven environment.

2. Three (3) years’ operating at a supervisory level will be an asset.

3. Demonstrated experience in data scrubbing and data analytics.

Skills and Abilities: 

Technical Competencies

  • Data Analytics Expertise
  • Knowledge of Research
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Data Cleansing and Transformation
  • Data Mining and Reporting
  • Data Ethics and Privacy

Behavioural Competencies

  • Leadership and Team Management Skills
  • Adaptability and Flexibility Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Communication, Interpersonal Relations, and Stakeholder Relations Skills



1. Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Management  or Social Science from a recognised University.

2. Specialized certification in Data Scrubbing and Data Analysis.

3. Post graduate qualifications would be an asset.